The silence is overwhelming. You don't hear a whisper. A single noise.
I look outside. I open the window, slowly, afraid of disturbing such peace. I could hear my heart beat. The air racing through my nose. I could hear it entering my lungs. The blood rushing to grasp every bit of oxygen out of it. 
I take a deep breath. Calm down man! It's just silence.
Silence is scary. Is the full absence of life. Pure silence i mean. 

I step outside. My footsteps echoe on the mountains far away. But i don't hear it. The night is dark. There is no light, no moon. There is nothing. Well the hell is everybody? Where are the birds? The insects, the dogs and cats? Damn.

I am outside. I can feel the wind around my body. Every single hair reacts to its presence. But i don't hear it. I just can't hear a thing.

I open my mouth. Trying to make a sound. For some reason my throat is blocked. I articulate the sound, but nothing comes out. I force it. I'm screaming now. My veins are popping out. Tears burst from my eyes, as i make one last effort to speak.

Finally i do. The only sound i can make and hear is your name. I shout it, with all my strengths. And finally the whole world awakes. The birds sing again, dogs bark, cats run away from it. The wind blows stronger than ever. The moon rises, i can see the streets again. Slowly my heart goes back to normal. My breathing becomes peaceful. I can go back to sleep!

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