One week

Stare at me. In a 'i want you' way. Say you love me. Say it. Damn it.

What were you saying? Nothing, i was just thinking out loud.

You can't. I can't.

Stop. Full stop. Or half stop. My brain is screaming but i can't hear a thing. I can't. I feel too good to stop. Slow down at least. I can't. I won't.

I can see you, you know? I can see your pain, i can see your sorrow. Behind that smile i can see it. Not on your lips. Your lips are always laughing. I mean in your eyes. I see the darkness within, i see the despair, the sadness. Look at me baby. Look straight at me. You see that? Now that's a smile. A little spark there, some light and color. Beautiful by the way.

But i have to stop.  Make-believe. It's easier you know? It's faster. We are all there. We are all in that world. Some know it, others don't. Should we leave them there? Come with me to my real world. Dark and cloudy place, but at least it's real. At least you know what you can expect. Come with me. I'll show how to be happy without having to pretend. I'll show you how to do it. It's really easy. Just be real. Be real with me. Be real next to me. It's all we need, reality. Together.


Sometimes you walk, other times you enjoy

The unexpected. You never know what comes next. You never know what life has reserved for you, what will be the reactions to your actions.
If you have a path, a set of waypoints that you want to follow, thinking "that's the way to get there", you might be confortable with it. But then you start to think: "where is there? Here i am, trying to walk through this, following all this guidelines and signs and stuff. What if i stop and watch what's on the end of the next detour".
Then you start taking some chances. Trying to cut short through here because the road will appear just ahead, but in the end all you get is some scratches and bruises.
Nevertheless you keep going. Now enjoying more the path you're walking. The green of the trees, the cool sound of that bird, some weird insect just calling his mates. And you start to worry less about the destiny and more about the way.
So the next time you get a detour, you appreciate more what new things you'll discover there, new trees, birds and sounds, rather than if that detour will eventually take back to where you were. Because honestly, i don't care where i'll end up next. As long as i enjoy my way there.