First Kiss

My desire was greater than everything i ever felt. I kept on smiling, trying to hide my racing heart and my shaking hands. No words would come out. My thoughts were frozen, my brain just couldn't understand what was going on. I could only hear it, trying to jump of my chest onto your lap. I just wanted your touch, your warm embrace.
You were saying something. Your lips were moving but i couldn't pay attention to it. They were calling me, pulling me towards you. In my mind you could just as well being putting a spell on me. For sure it felt like it.
Enough. Your eyes were piercing through my soul. Your voice was finally heard, but it just kept on going worse. I was sure you could see my veins throbbing, my smile getting more anxious, my breathing becoming heavy. In that moment you were all i needed. All i ever wanted was right there, i could feel it just dancing around me, teasing and provoking me.
I got up, slowly. U kept on asking me what was going on. I moved towards you. Every inch of your face was telling me to not get any closer. But i couldn't stop. I wouldn't stop. I had no control over me, over my actions. I was driven by pure instinct. Finally i stop. I could see your smile changing. I was sure you could feel my energy at that distance. Undoubtedly you knew what i wanted.
This was the moment i was waiting for. I didn't care about the past nor the future. Time froze, everything stopped. It was just me and you.
I touch your face. Paying attention to every detail of it, like it was the first time i ever saw you. Breathing you in, letting your smell invade my senses. Your smile, always your smile, was inviting me in. But i had all the time in the world. I feel the back of your neck, slowly stroking it. Your eyes slowly close down. I feel your body touching mine. I pull you close to me, feeling your heart beat in my chest. A small hum was all i needed.

But just like that it was all gone.  It was just another dream. A delusion. I can feel you getting closer though. I've been in places i've never been before. Each new day brings me one step closer to the reality. Slowly i hear the music again. More than just a background noise. One day i'll hear you again. One day i'll feel you again.  One day i'll find you again. Whoever your are.

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